Medical Gym

medical-imgPhysical therapy has become increasingly expensive with only a couple of clinics providing it.
Therefore, the scope has expanded for the development of medical gyms. Keeping this ever increasing demand in mind, Bodyworx has developed a way out for patients. We offer onboard
training facilities and therapies monitored by professionals in the industry.

What is a Medically Oriented Gym?

Like standard gyms work on providing space and expertise for people who want to tone their bodies,
gain weight or lose weight, medically oriented gyms focus mainly on the medical aspects of
exercises. Patients who have had injuries or have gone through therapies or surgeries find it hard to
work out on their own. This is where the need of a medical gym comes in. These patients can go to
medical gyms to work with trainers in order to facilitate them with exercises.

In simple words, the entire process of a medical gym is to make the progressions towards
independent exercises easier for patients.

So why is Bodyworx Different?

Traditional medical gyms help patients with exercises and that’s all about it. At Bodyworx, we have
taken the idea of medical gyms and have added more to it. We even offer in-house therapies, which
means patients can consult our orthopedic physical therapists throughout their journey. Then, they
can even work with trainers during their workouts.

Moreover, we have specialized equipment to ensure patients get the most effective workouts
without any injuries.

We Take Care of Patients!

Unlike conventional medical gyms, the entire idea behind Bodyworx is to create an environment
where patients feel easy to be dependent upon trainers for exercises and physical fitness regime.
We ensure our patients get the best facilities and trainers so that it becomes easy for them to transit to being independent once again!